Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What is a youth council?


A. A youth council is a forum for young people to engage in decision-making at local level, discuss issues and concerns with town officials and, ultimately, impact local government policies. Youth councils work to improve the image, status and welfare of young people in the community, and are often approached by different organisations for consultation on young people's views and opinions on various local issues.

  lThe Key Objectives of HYC...
Opportunity for youth council members to address at Town Council meetings
Opportunity for town councillors to attend Youth Council meetings
To provide adequate information technology to enable young people of Hailsham to communicate with the Youth Council
To provide an opportunity for young people to raise a positive profile for young people in Hailsham
To provide funding to enable young people to organise events and opportunities for others

Q. Why set up a youth council?


A. The views of young people are just as important as those of older residents - that is why youth councils are set up (and are effective).