Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. How can I become a member of HYC?


A. Anyone aged 11 to 16 years (16 to 21 years for special needs), residing in Hailsham or surrounding rural areas. Click here for details.

Q. How often does HYC meet and where?


A. We meet on Friday afternoons (3.15pm to 4.30pm) at either The Square Youth Cafe (Market Street) or Town Council Offices.

  lThe Key Objectives of HYC...
Opportunity for youth council members to address at Town Council meetings
Opportunity for town councillors to attend Youth Council meetings
To provide adequate information technology to enable young people of Hailsham to communicate with the Youth Council
To provide an opportunity for young people to raise a positive profile for young people in Hailsham
To provide funding to enable young people to organise events and opportunities for others

Q. What form will HYC meetings take?


A. An agenda is agreed by the HYC members on (current) issues that are of concern to them. Relevant people are invited to meetings to answer questions or provide presentations to members.